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Aging in individuals is frequently associated with a deterioration in their overall state of health, thereby increasing the risk of poor quality of life. It has been reported that practicing art and/or taking part in programs of cultural activity, particularly participative artistic activities, improves patients’ quality of life, irrespective of their age. Nevertheless, no study into the health and quality of life of community residents living independently at home has been undertaken. In October 2015, the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MBAM) successfully launched a series of participative artistic activities for elderly people in the community, known as “Thursdays at the Museum”. This creative, artistic program consists of several activities including interactive, cultural engagement and guided tours of the museum. This therefore provides a unique opportunity to examine whether, and to what extent, the Museum’s program of artistic activities influences the health and quality of life of seniors living in the community.



> To examine the social and demographic characteristics, state of health, and quality of life of senior citizens before, during and after their participation in the Museum’s “Thursdays at the Museum” program of artistic activities.

> To examine compliance at the “Thursdays at the Museum” sessions.

> To examine the feasibility of the use of self-assessment in establishing an individual’s state of health and quality of life using a web application which would be accessible online using a web platform provided by the RUISSS McGill Telehealth network.


  • Approval of the project by the Museum’s Art and Health Committee
  • Preparation of the research protocol
  • Submission to the Ethics Committee
  • Setup of two weekly workshops at the Museum
  • Collection and analysis of scientific data

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