[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_column_text]Partners

  • Five CIUSSS of the Greater Montreal: North, West-Central, Centre-South, East & West
  • Regional Pharmaceutical Services Committee (RPSC)
  • Regional Department of General Medicine (RDMG)
  • Transformation Support Team for the Greater Montreal
  • Université de Montréal Institute of Geriatrics (IUGM)

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The Centre of Excellence on Longevity and the Université de Montréal Institute of Geriatrics (IUGM) have pooled their skills and resources to work on coordinating three-year action plans of the five 5 CIUSSS that make up the Greater Montreal region. The configuration of the region and the treatment behaviors of its population have made it essential to harmonize the various CIUSSS and the coordination structures that link them. This step complements the specific actions that have been implemented in each CIUSSS, and one which is necessary to enable the consistent, joined-up treatment for service users.


> To ensure that actions to improve the treatment of the users of each CIUSSS are complementary, transferable, and accessible

> To develop and inter-CIUSSS collaboration to harmonize the treatment of service users and to ensure that it is consistent and joined-up throughout the city of Montreal.


  • Implementation of a community built on dialog and the exchange of best practices for nursing resources within the Montreal region
  • Monitoring the communications plan within the Greater Montreal
  • Presenting to and engaging in dialog with the Regional Department of General Medicine (RDMG)
  • Presenting to and engaging in dialog with the Regional Pharmaceutical Services Committee (RPSC)
  • Presenting to and engaging in dialog with an international dialog of non-profit private residential facilities and long-term residential treatment centres
  • Involvement with the work of the transformation support team for the Greater Montreal
    • Dialog with the chronic conditions coordination body
    • Incorporation of Alzheimer’s disease and related conditions into the Montreal-wide Chronic Conditions Action Plan for 2017-2021
    • Meeting with the senior members of the SAPA coordination body