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  • Akinox Inc.
  • Program to Support Autonomy in Seniors (SAPA), CIUSSS West-Central Montreal, QC
  • Telehealth RUIS McGill

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As the population ages, early identification of conditions and their consequences has become a major challenge in public health. This early diagnosis makes it possible to offer suitable preventative and curative treatment programs to limit the harmful effects of disease on the health and quality of life of seniors.

Individuals, both young and old, can now access these digital tools to test their overall health, seeking advice, opinions, and information related to their overall health levels in order to become genuine stakeholders in their own healthcare with high levels of involvement and activity. Developed by the Centre of Excellence on Longevity, the geriatric SAQ (for “Self-Administered Questionnaire”) is the first scientifically-validated self-assessment tool to be applied to the state of general and functional health in elderly people. Moreover, it provides recommendations to follow, based on the information provided. It was developed with a view to predicting adverse health events and to provide early warning for individuals who are at risk of significant disturbance to their overall health in order to implement preventative measures.




> To update the digital self-administered questionnaire in respect of overall health to make it easily accessible to the public on a large scale.

> To develop recommendations for treatment.

> Deployment in the catchment area of the CIUSSS West-Central Montreal



  • Project planning with Telehealth RUIS McGill
  • Partnership with Akinox Inc.
  • Project management for the digitalization of the questionnaire
  • Production monitoring and quality control for the online questionnaire