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  • Akinox Inc.

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The Centre of Excellence on Longevity has developed a digital version of the SAQ (or “Self-Administered Questionnaire”) which includes a section designed to assess the patient’s general health, and another section that is based on recommendations derived from the automated analysis of answers provided to questions. Between 2016 and 2017, interest among the wider public and the Centre of Excellence on Longevity’s partners increased. To provide free and expanded access to the digital version of the SAQ, the decision was taken (in conjunction with the McGill University Centre of Expertise and Coordination for Telehealth (CECoT)) to develop a cloud-hosted mirror of the digital SAQ on the Telehealth platform.



> To develop a cloud-hosted mirror of the digital SAQ of the RUISSS McGill Telehealth platform.

> To expand access to the digital SAQ, both nationwide in Canada and internationally.


  • Project planning with Akinox Inc.
  • Project management of the development of the cloud platform
  • Production monitoring and quality control for the platform and the online questionnaire