In 2017, the Centre of Excellence for Aging and Chronic Disease of RUIS McGill changed its name and became the RUIS McGill Centre of Excellence on Longevity.


Because this name represents and conveys the positive values that we live and breathe for at this centre, and which we invest in our work. The concept of longevity is positive, broader, and more inclusive. Longevity represents the benefits of an aging process that has been managed effectively throughout a person’s life because, quite obviously, an individual does not suddenly start to age at a given age.

It is from this perspective that we will be pursuing our mission: to improve the health, independence, autonomy, and quality of life of elderly people while preserving a fair, efficient healthcare system.


However, for us, this “mission statement” only makes sense in conjunction with the core values that drive us.

At the Centre of Excellence on Longevity, we are firmly committed to inclusion and to ensuring that the respect due to our elders is transmitted across generations. We are firmly convinced of the need for, and work toward achieving a society in which our elders are taken into consideration and highly valued, because encouraging the inclusion of seniors means benefiting from their experience and making us all stronger as well as making human longevity a positive experience and changing the way we look at our own futures. Finally, it is a way to affirm that our elders, as highly diverse as they are, are essential to the political, economic and moral balance of our society.

Working alongside you, the McGill University Integrated Health Network’s Centre of Excellence on Longevity is proud of its work to prolong lives, because each of us must assume both the responsibility and the duty to ensure that elderly people enjoy a good quality of life in a dignified longevity.


Dr. Olivier Beauchet

Director of the RUIS McGill Centre of Excellence on Longevity