Arts & Longevity Lab


Human aging brings with it a number of pernicious effects: health and functional decline, social withdrawal, and a greater risk of worsening quality of life. The practice of art, and more specifically participatory art-based activity, can increase elder well-being and quality of life, which suggests a real impact on health.
With this backdrop, the Centre of Excellence on Longevity — with the help of the Foundation of the Jewish General Hospital, of McGill University’s Faculty of Medicine, and of the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts — has put in place an innovative new program marrying art and health: the Arts & Longevity Lab.


  • To increase the well-being, quality of life, medical condition and social inclusion of the elderly, through art
  • To create and conceive of new complementary and inclusive interventions involving participatory art-based activity
  • To confirm, validate and apply the results of this study to everyday life
  • To communicate this newly acquired expertise to art and healthcare professionals
  • To promote the use of thusly created and validated interventions, for the benefit of elderly persons everywhere

Four activities, covering three distinct fields of application, will be disseminated.


New directions for the research and development of an original healthy living program prioritizing non-pharmacological approaches

Partnerships between universities, research centres and cultural sites: eventual creation of an international network

Promotion of health and active aging

Primary and secondary prevention in healthcare

To reduce the economic burden presented by the pernicious consequences of population aging

To reduce the volume of medication taken and healthcare dependency


Foundation of the Jewish General Hospital

Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (MMFA)

Concordia University

Trois-Rivières Québec University UQAT

Lady Davis for Medical Research

Université du Québec à Montréal UQAM

Dawson College

Association des Guides bénévoles des Musées du Québec

Association des Médecins francophones du Canada

CHASM, McGill University